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Vegan Boat Food

"Because it shouldn't take longer to cook it than to eat it"

We are vegan, (well, mostly). My husband is full plant-based because he has the willpower that only us mere mortals aspire to. I'm a 'cheating vegan' which means when I eat out I sometimes order fish and I don't fuss if there's eggs in desserts. I don't find joy in cooking and I'm not a foodie. If I had it my way I would be happy throwing things in a vitamix and drinking a shake for meals but it's not a socially acceptable way to live. So my philosophy is simple, it can't take longer to cook it than to eat it.


I want to share some core dishes that I lean on that can be used across multiple meals so I'm not in this endless cycle of food prep all day. These recipes are ones I've gotten a lot of mileage out of to assemble fast, easy, no-fuss meals that can be done on a boat without a zillion ingredients - and where leftovers can be reused to create a whole new meal later. 

IMG_6154 2.jpg


Vegan Simple Slaw

Great side dish or used inside wraps or sandwiches. Add to lentils or quinoa and create a whole new meal.

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Vegan Lasagne

This version of lasagne has a little plot twist because no-egg vegan lasagne noodles aren't always easy to find.

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Vegan Split Pea Soup

Full of protein and perfect for a rainy day stuck inside. Add protein for a heartier dish or chill it to make a thicker base for vegan wraps.

IMG_6281 2.jpg
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Vegan Sweet Potato Fritters

These little dudes are great to prepare for passages and are good warm, cold or in between a baguette.

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Vegan Flapjacks

Makes a great breakfast or good for late night, guilt-free snacks on a passage. You can't cook too many, they go fast.

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Vegan Crepes or Gallettes

Stock up on these french favorites to eat sweet or salty.

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