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Sailboat Wintering Checklist

It's that time again to tuck AWEN in for the winter and make sure she's got everything she needs to cuddle up safe on the hard in Turkey. As promised in our last podcast, we are providing a full wintering checklist for us as we do our first haulout and winter on the hard versus in the water. Send us a note if we forgot anything.


  • STERN STRAP (starboard) - remove wheel

  • STAINLESS STEEL - clean all stainless and fix any rusting stains on gelcoat


  • TEAK - remove dolphin seats

  • COVERS - put all covers on: winches, helm, table, plancha etch.

  • OUTBOARD - remove Suzuki engine before docking

  • OUTBOARD - remove outboard from dinghy

  • FRESH WATER - fill up tanks for watermaker wintering and to fill up black water tanks

  • DIESEL - fill up diesel tanks

  • BLACK WATER - pump out tanks

  • STICKERS - clean stickers

  • KARVER HOOK - test with Dynema loop

  • MAINSAIL - lake main, to add inside tarp to protect from rain

  • GENOA - take genoa off

  • LINES - remove running rigging

At the Dock, Prior to Haulout



  • GENERATOR service

  • FUEL FILTER - water separator cleanup

  • SUZUKI OUTBOARD - engine check/service

  • RUNNING RIGGING - check/lube

  • BATTERY MANAGEMENT - check system, determine if auto charger is needed

  • WATER HEATER - clean, check


  • AIR COMPRESSOR - check/clean

  • GELCOAT FIXES - check for any cracks and repair as needed

  • WASH - pressure wash boat, tent, cushions

  • DEPTH SOUNDER - remove before haulout

  • FUEL - add preservative to diesel tanks

  • DINGHY - lock to the boat, open plugs, and to add cover

  • CANVAS TENT - take tent and cushions off, store inside the boat or fix anything, create opening where davit lines currently touch the tent

  • BATTERIES - check all batteries are fully charged

  • LINES - wash all lines, including dock lines

  • LIFE RAFT - lock it under the stairs

  • TOILETS - flush all toilets with fresh water and empty tanks

  • THROUGH HULLS - turn ON/OFF and leave OFF

  • DOORS & HATCHES - rinse/grease sliding doors and hatches (seals)

  • OVEN VENT - tape cockpit ventilation for rodents

  • SCUBA TANKS - leave air in scuba tanks (50 bars?)

  • MAINSAIL TRACK & CARS - clean and lubricate

  • BLOCKS - clean and lubricate

  • SHROUDS - check turnbuckles and crimping of shrouds

  • RIGGING - check the complete rigging

  • ANCHORAGE/WINDLASS - rinse with fresh water the anchor well (windlass, chain...)

  • STEERING SYSTEM - check cable level, to grease steering system, to check rudder bearings, to check level of autopilot (change the autopilot level - when?)

  • ELECTRICAL - check/tighten/grease cable lugs and power connectors

  • AIR CONDITIONING - clean suction strainers and sea water filters, to check function pressures, clean condensers' collecting tanks

  • PLUMBING - test electrical and manual bilge pumps, to check water groups under pressure (leaks), check/handle/grease of 1/4 turn valves

  • BLACK WATER - drain, rinse and fill it with fresh water and antibacterial product

  • WASHER / DRYER - drain / clean

  • WASH - every surface inside boat

  • FRIDGES / FREEZER - empty and clean, and to leave door ajar. To check door seals

  • STORAGE AREAS (cockpit and anchor locker) - to remove items and store inside the boat OR to lock

  • LAUNDRY – wash everything

  • LINENS - vacuum bag clothes and linens

  • CHAFE - dd anti-chafe pads on mooring lines

  • RODENTS add anti mouse sheaves on mooring lines


  • PROPELLER - check, service and apply propspeed

  • COPPERCOAT - check and fix any patches

  • VALET - arrange for someone to take a look once in a while (battery status, bug infestations, water under floorboards, mildew, bilge pumps...)

  • MAINSAIL - angle boom, to protect ends (so bugs, birds don't nest in), to wrap line around mainsail bag to protect from wind

  • HULL - check hull anodes, sea cocks

  • HULL - plug holes with sponges (?) to prevent bugs and other creatures.

  • MOORING CLEATS - tighten

  • BRIDLE - untwist and check length

  • CHAIN SWIVEL - check

  • CHAIN - reverse chain, add markers every 10 meters (paint?)

  • FRESH WATER - drain fresh water tanks, including the deck shower

  • WATER FILTRATION - remove and dispose carbon filter, and to check the new one is compatible

  • TEAK - remove helm station steps, clean and oil all teak

  • HATCHES - close and lock all hatches

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