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My First Offshore Passage with 59 North

I recently joined as crew on an offshore passage with Andy and Mia from 59 North to travel from Key West to Bermuda. Why? Because my husband has had many offshore experiences and to me it just continued to be one big black box of fear. I didn't know anything about it and I figured it's best to just take the unknown out of it by doing one. What a ride! I was excited to be on one of the first passages on their new Swan 59 named Icebear. Aside from dodging a thunderstorm and Man O War during the trip, we got to swim above a mile of water, get back on the boat and laugh about it. Then we spotted what we believed to be a huge shark and all sat silent as reality set in on it.

In the end I met a bunch of new sailing friends, survived upwind sailing and a cabin mate who was seasick and safely traveled 1,300 nautical miles on my first passage.

You can also check out their blog on our leg on their website titled, 'It wasn't THAT windy!'

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